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time flies

Jan. 12th, 2014 05:00 pm
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I can't believe so much time has flown by.  Work has kept be busy and I have had to do some traveling for work.  Feels like I don't have as much free time to do things that I want.  I still do things that I do to relax and unwind but so much to do's for the house don't get done.  I want to paint the guest bedroom but can seem to get motivated enough to do the work.  Oh well, it's hardly ever used anyway.
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When the winter season finished, I had made up my mind to follow only a couple of show the next season. I only had one that was continuing and if I only picked up a couple, I could maybe watch some older series I have been interest in watch.  What do I do, I start watching nine new series.  I have already dropped one and there are two more that I am looking at maybe dropping.  They are entertaining but they done glue me to the TV screen (love my roku box).  Since the US TV season is almost over, I might keep watching them since I won't have anything to watch on week nights.  I really need to go through the shows that I'm interested in and see if a really want to watch them.  On any series that has completely aired, I usually was the first one or two episode and then the last episode.  If something in the last episode make me go WOW or What?, I will watch the entire series, otherwise I drop it.  The only problem is finding the time watch those few episode.  Maybe I will be able to make a dent in my backlog this summer. 
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I started doing cross stitch again.  I got tired of playing computer games while watching it and some games I can't play while trying to read subtitles.  I haven't done much and I'm not doing anything really hard.  I'm sticking to simple quick things for now like bookmarks (which I can always use and need) and Christmas ornaments.  I just have to be carefully to not sit and do it for too long or I make my neck sore. I am also working with plastic canvas.  I remember doing that at my grandmother's craft store and really enjoyed it.  I need to start on the toy train for my niece.  She loves trains.  
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Seems like time is flying away from me and I don't have time to do everything I want to do.  Work is keeping me really busy and I will probably have to put in some extra time the next couple of months.  A couple of unforeseen projects came up at the beginning of the year which has put me behind on some scheduled projects.  I don't mind doing the extra time since I like what I do.  It just makes it hard to catch up on TV shows and doing any reading.  At least I am caught up right now since I will busy doing work around the house all day to day (cooking, laundry, garden).


May. 5th, 2013 12:11 pm
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I've been trying to get my garden up and running.  It's been kind of hard with the way the weather has been.  My tomato plants were killed of by unseasonable cold weather.  I bought new plants this weekend to plant.  Also bought strawberries and cantaloupe plants.  I hope to get out and plant them this afternoon and plant some more green been seeds.  Only 1 of the 12 seeds planted have come up.  At least my broccoli survived the cold temperature and is doing great.

On another note.  I'm terrible at spelling and LJ's spell checker is terrible compared to other word processors.  I'm having to go to another application and type in word(s) that I'm spelling wrong to figure out what the correct spelling is. It really frustrating.
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Snow in May?  Yep that happened this week.  I'm starting to wonder if spring will ever get here.  i just open it doesn't go into full blown summer with scorching heat.
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Well it snowed where I live this weekend.  Last year by this time, I has started my patio garden.  This year I wonder.  Every weekend seems to have a conflict of some sort.  Easter, Family visiting, anime convention.  On a good note, I do have a small green house inside my house and I have a number of the plants already started.  As soon as it warms up and there is a weekend where the weather isn't bad, I can get out and my garden setup.

short and sweet this time.  latter.

Time Flies

Oct. 31st, 2012 07:13 pm
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Whoa it's already the end of October.  With all of the extra hours I have needed to put in at work my time has disappeared.  Extra hours seem to be becoming the norm for me. I was so busy that I didn't get to do any fall planting in my patio garden.  However, I did have one unexpected harvest from my garden.  I had a basil plant that flowered and then I had basil taking over in some of my pots.  It grew very well in the hot summer.  I'm going to add it to my list of plants for next summer.  I might try some other herbs again.  The first year I tried to do herbs in the house I was unsuccessful.  Maybe I will have better luck planting them outside.


Jul. 7th, 2012 12:44 pm
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The heat has moved in.  I was hoping it would say away a little longer.  At least not everything in my patio garden is dieing.  I setup a sprinkler system on a timer to keep my pots watered.  Its been working very well.  However, my green beans died again.  My lettuce and spinach didn't work this year.  I was really looking forward to having some spinach.  I will try again in the fall.  My strawberries and broccoli did great.  I'm going to grow some more broccoli in the fall.  Also, I have been able to get my carrots to work this year.  I started them in a small greenhouse I have.  I made sure the seedlings were more grown before planting outside.  My cantaloupe is doing okay.  I have several vines but it looks like I only have one cantaloupe right now. 

I've been checking out ereaders/tablets again.  The tablets have larger screens and it would allow me to access all of my book purchases from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  The only problems is that most of them have other features I don't need/want.  The only other thing it would use for would be Netflix.  That way I have something to watch in my kitchen when I'm cooking.  The cost is also more that I am willing to pay.  I can't bring myself to pay for something that wouldn't be used more that 7 hours a week and a lot of times probably less.  I decided to look at the the semi-tablets that B&N and Amazon are offering.  I'm going to be taking a closer look at the Nook Color.  I really want to start buying my Viz Manga digitally.  I have books stacked all over the place in my basement and I am ready to find a way to start saving space.

If your in the US, drink lots of water and stay cool.  Hope there is a break in this heat wave soon.

See ya.
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I'm glad January and February are over.  For some reason this year the shortest month seemed to be the longest.  February really felt like two months due to everything that was going on at work.  I have had weeks that felt really long or went by really slow but I can't think of the last time I had 3-4 weeks in a row like that.  What's bad is that two of those weeks were only four day week (out sick one and vacation the other).  I felt so drained that I didn't want to do anything with my personal time except watch TV or read.  So far March is starting out better.  Maybe I will have some personal time to do things around the house.  I have a room I have been wanting to paint and some re-organization I have been wanting to do.  I have started my patio garden again.  Since lettuce type items did well last year, I have planted two kinds of lettuce and some spinach.  I am also trying broccoli this year.  In May I am going to try green beans again (different type) and cantaloupe.  I also still have my strawberry plants from last year.  I need to replant those into a bigger pot soon.

Late last year I finally decide I would like to try out an e-reader, mainly to start saving on space.  Paper books take up a lot of space. I have a lot of them and the only place I can put them is in the basement.  I got a discounted discontinued model for Christmas.  I didn't want anyone to spend a lot of money in case I didn't like it.  For actual books I like it and would have no problem switching from a paper copy to a digital copy.  However, so far I have mixed fillings about reading manga on e-readers.  At least half of what I ready is this format.  My e-reader screen is only 5 inches.  That make is smaller than the actual book.  As a result, at times it is very hard to read some of the words.  A 7 inch screen would probably be better.  It would be closer to the actual size of the book.  I also have one other grip about the e-reader.  Manga publishers are starting to put some of their manga out digitally. So why would this be a problem.  Well, one publisher has an exclusive contract with Barnes and Noble while another one has their exclusive contract with Amazon's Kindle.  No way am I going to by two e-readers just to get what I want.  Sorry Barnes and Noble you won't see me buying your e-reader.  Amazon has some Kindle only exclusives that will never see printed paper and I want those more than your exclusives that are also being published on paper.

Wow, long post for me.  Later.


Dec. 1st, 2011 05:21 pm
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It's been awhile.  Seems time has gotten away from me.  As I get older it seem like time goes by faster and faster.

I had my best set of games this week.  I set new personal best in all four categories: scratch game, scratch series, handicap game, and handicap series.  That bet out the new best for handicap game and series that I made last week.  I am aiming to continue the trend.

On another note, things have gotten busy lately and I have fallen behind in some of the shows I started watching this season.  I am going to try and catch up this weekend if I can work it in between all of the errands that I need to run and cooking I want to do.  It seems I have too many things on my to do list because I never seem to make any headway.  I need to cram as much as possible into December because I am going to be extra busy at work in January.

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At least I still have my strawberry plants.  They are the only thing that I was growing that has survived the summer heat.  I look forward to trying growing crops again next year.  May be I will have more luck.

Right now I am focused on playing games on my DS.  I have a number of games I bought but haven't played yet.  As a result, I'm not on my computer much right now.  I use to be on all most all the time.  I use to followed a lot of manga, anime,scanlations, and fansubs but not as much anymore.  After almost 10 years, I think I am starting to get tired of it and it is starting to all run together.  As a result, I have gotten pretty picky about what I read and watch.  That is probably why I have gotten back into gaming again.  Needed something different.

On a side note.  I don't even turn my computer on on Mondays.  I work all day and then have bowling league that night.  The league just started and run for 30 weeks.  I am really looking forward to the season.  The last time I bowled in a league was way back in high school.

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The heat wave here it the US has killed off most of my patio garden.  I did bring in the strawberry plants in before they died off.  I think I am going to try growing a few things inside the house.  I have a lot of windows that face south so I get a lot of light in the house.  Hopefully it will be enough light that plants will grow okay.


Jun. 11th, 2011 04:04 pm
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The garden is going pretty good. Haven't had much success with the carrots but the green beans, spinach, and lettuce are doing really good. I am going to have to start my herbs over due to problems with the soil and pots used.

I hope I get over my cold soon so I can do some more gardening and cooking.


May. 21st, 2011 03:15 pm
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After two years of saying I was going to do a patio garden, this year I have started one.  I hope it works and I will get a lot of good food from it.
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Recently a number of communities I have been watching have become friend-locked.  I understand their reasons for doing so.  However, to join same of these communities you have to be "active".  The requirements vary from community to community but some of them do not like a person to have a blank journal.  I guess they want to make sure I am a real person or have a true interst in their community.  Posting to a journal takes time and I do not have much free time.  only 1-3 hours a day and 3 is only if I am lucky.  I like to do things I enjoy during my free time.  Socializing online is not something I enjoy or find relaxing, hence; the reason my journal has been empty for so long.  I have already been rejected from joining one of my favorite communities.  I'm sad to not be able to follow them anymore.  Might try to join again sometime later if time allows but I only see my free time getting shorter due to work situations.  The company I work for may not fill a position that will open up next year.  That means our department over the course of the last two years will have gone from 18 employees to 6 employees.


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