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May. 5th, 2013

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Snow in May?  Yep that happened this week.  I'm starting to wonder if spring will ever get here.  i just open it doesn't go into full blown summer with scorching heat.


May. 5th, 2013 12:11 pm
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I've been trying to get my garden up and running.  It's been kind of hard with the way the weather has been.  My tomato plants were killed of by unseasonable cold weather.  I bought new plants this weekend to plant.  Also bought strawberries and cantaloupe plants.  I hope to get out and plant them this afternoon and plant some more green been seeds.  Only 1 of the 12 seeds planted have come up.  At least my broccoli survived the cold temperature and is doing great.

On another note.  I'm terrible at spelling and LJ's spell checker is terrible compared to other word processors.  I'm having to go to another application and type in word(s) that I'm spelling wrong to figure out what the correct spelling is. It really frustrating.
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Seems like time is flying away from me and I don't have time to do everything I want to do.  Work is keeping me really busy and I will probably have to put in some extra time the next couple of months.  A couple of unforeseen projects came up at the beginning of the year which has put me behind on some scheduled projects.  I don't mind doing the extra time since I like what I do.  It just makes it hard to catch up on TV shows and doing any reading.  At least I am caught up right now since I will busy doing work around the house all day to day (cooking, laundry, garden).
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I started doing cross stitch again.  I got tired of playing computer games while watching it and some games I can't play while trying to read subtitles.  I haven't done much and I'm not doing anything really hard.  I'm sticking to simple quick things for now like bookmarks (which I can always use and need) and Christmas ornaments.  I just have to be carefully to not sit and do it for too long or I make my neck sore. I am also working with plastic canvas.  I remember doing that at my grandmother's craft store and really enjoyed it.  I need to start on the toy train for my niece.  She loves trains.  
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When the winter season finished, I had made up my mind to follow only a couple of show the next season. I only had one that was continuing and if I only picked up a couple, I could maybe watch some older series I have been interest in watch.  What do I do, I start watching nine new series.  I have already dropped one and there are two more that I am looking at maybe dropping.  They are entertaining but they done glue me to the TV screen (love my roku box).  Since the US TV season is almost over, I might keep watching them since I won't have anything to watch on week nights.  I really need to go through the shows that I'm interested in and see if a really want to watch them.  On any series that has completely aired, I usually was the first one or two episode and then the last episode.  If something in the last episode make me go WOW or What?, I will watch the entire series, otherwise I drop it.  The only problem is finding the time watch those few episode.  Maybe I will be able to make a dent in my backlog this summer. 


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