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Jul. 7th, 2012


Jul. 7th, 2012 12:44 pm
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The heat has moved in.  I was hoping it would say away a little longer.  At least not everything in my patio garden is dieing.  I setup a sprinkler system on a timer to keep my pots watered.  Its been working very well.  However, my green beans died again.  My lettuce and spinach didn't work this year.  I was really looking forward to having some spinach.  I will try again in the fall.  My strawberries and broccoli did great.  I'm going to grow some more broccoli in the fall.  Also, I have been able to get my carrots to work this year.  I started them in a small greenhouse I have.  I made sure the seedlings were more grown before planting outside.  My cantaloupe is doing okay.  I have several vines but it looks like I only have one cantaloupe right now. 

I've been checking out ereaders/tablets again.  The tablets have larger screens and it would allow me to access all of my book purchases from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  The only problems is that most of them have other features I don't need/want.  The only other thing it would use for would be Netflix.  That way I have something to watch in my kitchen when I'm cooking.  The cost is also more that I am willing to pay.  I can't bring myself to pay for something that wouldn't be used more that 7 hours a week and a lot of times probably less.  I decided to look at the the semi-tablets that B&N and Amazon are offering.  I'm going to be taking a closer look at the Nook Color.  I really want to start buying my Viz Manga digitally.  I have books stacked all over the place in my basement and I am ready to find a way to start saving space.

If your in the US, drink lots of water and stay cool.  Hope there is a break in this heat wave soon.

See ya.


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