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Mar. 11th, 2012

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I'm glad January and February are over.  For some reason this year the shortest month seemed to be the longest.  February really felt like two months due to everything that was going on at work.  I have had weeks that felt really long or went by really slow but I can't think of the last time I had 3-4 weeks in a row like that.  What's bad is that two of those weeks were only four day week (out sick one and vacation the other).  I felt so drained that I didn't want to do anything with my personal time except watch TV or read.  So far March is starting out better.  Maybe I will have some personal time to do things around the house.  I have a room I have been wanting to paint and some re-organization I have been wanting to do.  I have started my patio garden again.  Since lettuce type items did well last year, I have planted two kinds of lettuce and some spinach.  I am also trying broccoli this year.  In May I am going to try green beans again (different type) and cantaloupe.  I also still have my strawberry plants from last year.  I need to replant those into a bigger pot soon.

Late last year I finally decide I would like to try out an e-reader, mainly to start saving on space.  Paper books take up a lot of space. I have a lot of them and the only place I can put them is in the basement.  I got a discounted discontinued model for Christmas.  I didn't want anyone to spend a lot of money in case I didn't like it.  For actual books I like it and would have no problem switching from a paper copy to a digital copy.  However, so far I have mixed fillings about reading manga on e-readers.  At least half of what I ready is this format.  My e-reader screen is only 5 inches.  That make is smaller than the actual book.  As a result, at times it is very hard to read some of the words.  A 7 inch screen would probably be better.  It would be closer to the actual size of the book.  I also have one other grip about the e-reader.  Manga publishers are starting to put some of their manga out digitally. So why would this be a problem.  Well, one publisher has an exclusive contract with Barnes and Noble while another one has their exclusive contract with Amazon's Kindle.  No way am I going to by two e-readers just to get what I want.  Sorry Barnes and Noble you won't see me buying your e-reader.  Amazon has some Kindle only exclusives that will never see printed paper and I want those more than your exclusives that are also being published on paper.

Wow, long post for me.  Later.


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